Reframing the Loneliness Epidemic

What exactly is loneliness?

For all the talk about loneliness, research and solutions are lacking.

This is all shorthand for: We know the loneliness epidemic is important, but we cannot find any remedies that work on a meaningful, reliable basis.

How can we reframe the problem?

How do we prevent people from becoming lonely in the first place?

How Can We Increase Friendship?

Two men sit at a table having a conversation.

Why are we not, by now, overwhelmed with close companions? If the recipe for closeness is so well known, why are we not all using it?

Our Studies: How Can We Prompt Deeper Conversations?

Study 1

Attendees sit in chairs facing a screen at the front of a room.
Photo of attendees from the networking event
A set of three cards asks questions about growing up, friendship, and life decisions.
Example of some cards that were used in the “Strong Rules” condition

What implications can we take away from this first finding?

Two people wearing masks sit and converse on opposite ends of a park bench.

Study 2





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