The product manager’s “Day 1”

Do this 1 thing right from the beginning and users are more likely to stick with you, says…

Why DAY 1 matters:

What’s a mental model?

“Individuals do not respond to objective experience but to mental representations of experience. In constructing their mental representations, people use interpretive frames provided by mental models. Using a different mental model can change what an individual perceives and how he or she interprets it.”

What window are you looking out of? World Bank 2015 report.

How to establish a Mental Model on Day 1.

1. Expose all the benefits right upfront

2. Use explicit signaling

3. Use implicit signaling

Conclusion: The right mental model helps both you and your customer

Want to know more about how to increase retention after Day 1? Check out Irrational Labs Behavioral Economics Bootcamp



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